Rejuvenail® product

About Rejuvenail®

What is Rejuvenail®?

Rejuvenail® is a specially developed nail lacquer for the treatment of fungal infections of toenails and fingernails. The active ingredient ciclopirox penetrates the nail to reach the site of fungal infection and prevents growth of the fungal infection by destroying the fungi that cause nail infections.

  • What are the advantages of Rejuvenail®?

    • No filing required
    • Easy to use
    • Once daily application
    • Clinically tested to penetrate the nail5

    Rejuvenail® is simple and easy to use. Unlike other topical treatments there is no messy filing of the nail required.

    • Simply brush Rejuvenail® on to the nail and allow to dry for 30 seconds.
    • Leave on the nails for at least 6 hours overnight and wash off in the morning.
    • Continue using Rejuvenail® every day for at least 6 to 12 months until clear and healthy nails have regrown.
  • How do I use Rejuvenail®?

    1. Before applying Rejuvenail® anti-fungal nail lacquer, ensure that the nail polish is removed. Then wash and dry the infected nail.

      Application in the evening before going to bed is recommended.

    2. Apply a thin layer over the entire infected nail surface and 5mm of surrounding skin and if possible under the free edge of the nail.

    3. Allow to dry for at least 30 seconds.

    4. Leave on the nail for at least 6 hours overnight and simply wash off with water in the morning.

      Do not apply nail polish or other nail medication on the nails being treated.

  • How long do I have to use Rejuvenail®?

    Treatment should continue until clear and healthy nails have regrown. This usually takes about 6 months for the fingernails and about 9 to 12 months for the toenails. Nails grow very slowly, about 2 to 3mm per month for fingernails and 1mm per month for toenails,2 so do not be disappointed if there is no visible improvement after a few weeks. It is important to continue treatment until nails are clear otherwise the fungi can continue to infect the nail and the condition could get worse again. You should consult your doctor if your symptoms worsen or do not improve after 6 months for fingernails and 12 months for toenails.

    For more information on Rejuvenail, you can view our Consumer Medicine Information.

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